Struts for Begginers
MVC Design Pattern
Action Servlets
Hello World
Forms & ActionForms
Messages Resources
Data Bases
Acess ActionForms from JSP
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Struts for Beginners

These tutorial teaches you basic concepts of Struts to get you started with Struts. Struts is a mature open source MVC(Model-View-Controller) frame work for web applications. Struts we can be easily integrated with various technologies like J2EE , Hibernate, iBATIS, JSTL and JSF, Velocity Templates, XSLT etc.


  • Introduction: Struts is a very popular framework and has now become a de-facto standard for Java applications.
  • MVC Design Pattern: Model View Controller approach was developed by small talk developers and was widely embraced by the developer community. Various Java technologies like Swing, J2EE, Struts draw a lot of features from MVC design pattern.
  • Installation: Prerequisites and Installations
  • Action Servlets: Lets investigate the deployment descriptor WEB-INF/web.xml for struts.
  • Hello World: Write your first Struts program.
  • Forms & ActionForms: Lets now explore the forms. Forms are the HTML elements where the user enters some values and submits the form and gets the results page. We will now create a login page to see how it works in struts.
  • Messages Resources: Struts framework provides property files functionality with internationalization (I18N) features. These message resources can be configured in Struts configuration file.
  • Data Bases: Let’s convert our dumb login program to an intelligent login program which connects to the data base and validates the user name and password before spitting out the response.
  • Exceptions: Like all other configurable features in Struts, Exceptions can be also handled using configurations. This configuration methodology is usually called declarative exception handling.
  • Accessing Action Forms from JSP Pages : Action Forms can be accessed from the JSP’s using “tags-bean” tag library. This section describes the procedure to display values of the bean “LoginForm.java” in the JSP page.
  • Logic Tag: Let’s modify our login program to learn about logic tag library. We will modify this proram to list all the users in the database.


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